About Us

About Us

For decades, The Plantation Company (Linda) has provided weekly interior horticultural services to a select group of corporate office environments in Charlotte, North Carolina.

All the while Linda was using her design talents to create miniature, long living habitats in the form of her EXCEPTIONAL TERRARIUMS.

The benefit for us all is that they truly are EXCEPTIONAL because each is crafted by Linda with a specific idea  for a special environment in mind.  If that idea represents something pleasing or meaningful to you or loved ones, then it is meant to be Yours.

Her concept allows for total exposure looking inward as well as outward.  By using vintage and other high quality glass vessels, the environment reveals access to all of its surroundings and it can be enjoyed from every possible angle.

  For decades, Brad has mainly stayed out of the way so as to ensure The Plantation Company was successful. However, the time has come for a more active role for his many talents; taking directions and of course, heavy lifting.  

Brad Barnett

Linda and Brad Pawleys