Welcome to the World of Terrariums

Welcome to the World of Terrariums

Terrariums are a wonderful and enchanting bio-dome environment. Terrariums are fun, fabulous, and easy to grow; even for people who think they don’t have a green thumb. Our Terrariums will add new life to any area in your home or office, giving you the feeling of a walk in a mossy fern grotto.

Special attention to every detail has been given to the terrariums we construct. Just follow the guidelines offered under our “Care” tab and you’re on your way to successful growing.

Our Terrariums are first lined with sheet moss, layers of gravel for drainage, a layer of composted leaf material and lastly, our own soil mixture.  Our ferns are of the highest quality and of numerous types; most commonly, Bird’s Nest, Lemon Button, Korean Rock Fern, Lady Fern, and Maidenhair Fern.  For interest and color we add other unique plants.  All terrariums have rocks or a special something inserted to give an interesting and individual flare.
The containers pictured under the “Terrarium Gallery” tab are typical to our design.

We are always on the lookout for interesting vintage and new glass objects and containers. These one of a kind terrariums are offered at our little store in Atherton Market 2104 South Boulevard in the Historic SouthEnd, Charlotte, our studio in Concord, North Carolina and at various festivals and farmers markets in the Concord and Charlotte metro area.

We are available to reconstruct or refurbish your existing terrarium or to use any container in which you would like to create a living miniature woodland. No container is too large or too small.

 Prices range from $15.00 to $150.00.  Delivery upon request.

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